Diy glock slide milling

Diy glock slide milling

Current Slide Milling Lead Times:. Currently our lead time on Optic Cuts only is weeks with Tool Black refinishing. Lead time for all other slide milling orders is weeks not including time for your chosen refinishing option.

Please note: Lead times are fluid and are subject to current order volume. Nitride treatment will add approximately weeks. Cerakote options will add weeks to milling lead times.

diy glock slide milling

Due to increased order volume, please allow business days for in stock items and up to 7 business days for Valet Slide Service boxes to ship. We are a bit behind on lead times for certain slide milling packages.

How To Make a Custom Glock 19 Slide

This is due to a number of factors with the main one being the sheer volume of orders we have been processing in the last two months. We are a very small operation and are unbelievably humbled to be trusted with your business.

I want to personally apologize to the customers that we are behind schedule on. We promise to get your parts back to you as soon as possible and hope to get our lead times back down in the near future. Nitride Refinishing: Currently we are still sending slides out for nitride refinishing. The company we use for nitride plans to remain open and we will figure out alternatives on a case by case basis if that situation changes.

If you have a pending order that contains nitride refinishing, we can change your order to any of our single color cerakote options at no additional cost. This will generally get your parts back to you faster as we apply Cerakote in house. Email Communication: We are answering tons of emails every day.

Phone Calls: In general, calling is the absolute worst way to communicate with us. Email is more efficient for us to keep track of questions and order changes. Status Updates: We will continue to try to keep customers updated on the status of their orders as they move through the process. Please refrain from asking for order updates until we are past the quoted lead times on your order.

As a consumer I completely understand your desire to know the progress of your order. The reality is that every status update we issue slows down the entire operation for everyone, including you. Thank you for your continued support!

diy glock slide milling

We hope everything goes back to normal soon!Allowing the shooter to only focus on one plane when shooting, red dot sights, long established on carbines, are gaining in popularity on pistols. A Glock equipped with a Trijicon RMR red dot sight seems to be the most commonly encountered configuration. The combination has become so prevalent, multiple manufacturers offer replacement Glock slide precut for the red dot sight.

I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon. I did some research on the net prior to starting my Glock RMR project. The biggest decision seems to be where to mount the optic. The optic can be mounted in front of the existing sight, flush with the rear of the slide, or set in from the back a little with a new sight in place. I decided to install the RMR about.

By having a ledge of material behind the optic, it is mechanically locked into place. Placing the optic behind the rear sight has a number of advantages, it allows easier modification of holsters, protects the lens of the optic from brass and residue, and provides a wider field of view through the optic.

Trijicon will provide a drawing of the base of an RMR if you email and ask for one. They do not provide instructions for milling the slide. On the mounts Trijicon makes for the RMRthe optic is retained to the base by two. Keep in mind, the mounts Trijicon makes, only have the optic secured in those four places, dropping the optic into the slide allows for greater support. A factory Trijicon RMR mounting plate above. This one adapts the RMR to a weaver rail.

Note the two studs bosses on the top of the plate. I decided to cut my slide. It was in pretty sad shape so I figured it would be the perfect test gun.

Based on its internal wear, I assume this was either a pool gun or belonged to someone who worked at the range and shot all the time. It is one of the most worn Glocks I have encountered. Set up is key to machining the slide for the RMR.

On a manual mill the radius on the front of the sight is the most difficult cut to make. I made mine on a rotary table. After that, the rest of the steps are fairly straight forward.Notes on specific optics:. Price now includes drilling the rear sights on the combat cut version to allow adjustment of the red dot sight when ordered at the same time.

The STS-2 is small enough to fit on both large and small frame pistols in combat or race mounting positions. Gen5 slides will work with race or race with front dovetail positions only.

We will take the factory C-More screws and shorten them for you to use to install.

Custom Glock slide milling

Please include screws when sending in an optic. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Site fueled by Hydra Back Office. Toggle navigation. Lone Wolf Distributors. Starting At:. Check Options for Availability. What optic? Slide Type :. Mounting Position :. Spin Up Spin Down. Life's short. Why wait? Combat with Leupold Rear utilizes Leupold's rear iron sight. Race has no backup sights. When melted, the auto sensitivity mode may not work well and if using a front dovetail mount, the sensor will be blocked completely.

Glock Services - Slide Milling, Refinishing, etc.

When the slide arrives, we'll measure it and if it's too tight, you'll be able to either do a race mount, or front dovetail mount. FF3's have a thick body, so when using normal suppressor height sights you'll barely be able to clear the body. When the slide arrives, we will measure it and if it's too tight, you'll be able to either do a race mount, or front dovetail mount. The depth of the cut may require a modification to the safety plunger. We will perform the modification here free of charge, but if the safety plunger is changed afterwards, the new one will require modification.

Recently Viewed Items. Lone Wolf Distributors Inc. LWD will include our screws as seen here with slide melt.Build a custom package based on your specific needs. We have made this form easy to use. You will notice that incompatible options can not be ordered together, so picking an option will remove incompatible options. Glock Gen 5 as well as Glock 19X slides are accepted for modification and have the same lead time as Gen Please include the internals with your slide.

Pro Cut requires the optic be sent with the slide. If you are having trigger work done, the barrel and recoil assembly are needed. No trigger work will be done on pistols that have not included the barrel and recoil assembly. Effective March 5thATEi will no longer accept packages shipped through FedExnor will we return items using customer supplied FedEx labels, until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This is a required field. If an aftermarket magwell is to be installed, please include with the frame.

Stippling the frame will affect the fit and function of an aftermarket magwell. If you ordered a stipple package above these options are already included. If buying a la carte only, add your options here. JavaScript must be supported by your browser and needs to be enabled in order to view this page. The barrel and recoil are not needed.

Patriot Defense | Glock Slide Optic Milling

Any changes to orders after being placed must be made by email to info ateiguns. Grip Package Addons Add these to your package or add these a la carte. Grip Options If you ordered a stipple package above these options are already included.

Serial In order to track all orders received ATEi requires your slide or guns serial number. Connect With Us.Do I need to send my RMR in with the slide? No, we do not need your optic for fitting.

Yes, iron sight installation is included for all slides, with the exception of slides being returned sandblasted in bare metal. Just choose the appropriate option in the Iron Sight Installation drop down menu. Why doesn't your RMR cut include front index pins? Our RMR cut incorporates integral index posts around the mounting screw holes allowing for several improvements to the standard RMR cut offered from other firearm builders. Our design increases strength, provides greater indexing surface area, and allows for a deeper RMR cut moving your optic closer to the firearms bore.

We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Thomas and Battle Werx did a great job with the slide cut as this includes the posts for the red dot sights as well as tapped holes for mounting.

Fit was very good and finish was excellent. Extra screws and thread locker were included to make my mounting my red dot extremely easy.

They also took care of my shipping needs as they were different than normal due to my situation so a big thumbs up for customer service. All in all you can trust them to do a world class job. John D. Best company for an optic cut all around!

Quality was top notch! When I got my slide back it was very well wrapped, oiled, and secured. Purchased the slide cut cover which fit in perfectly with no wiggle or looseness.

This will be my one stop shop for Glock slide cuts! Alejandro on 23rd May I got an RMR cut only on a 19 Gen4 slide with factory front serrations. I also sent along some sights to be installed, as they were out of stock at BW. Installed as requested. My slide arrived at BW on a Tuesday, and was packed and shipped on that Thursday! Machining was beautiful, optic fit as expected. I purchased a sealing plate for my RMR type 2. Looks great. Everything went together beautifully.

Would definitely recommend.While many companies will mill an over sized "one size fits all" pocket, ours is precision as per your optic. The cycling of a pistol slide is not gentle. The last thing you want is all that force to simply be on the mounting screws due to an optic pocket milled too big! Screws have been known the shear and break over time due to improperly milled slides.

Trijicon RMR HolosunVortex Viper: Optic can be milled in front of rear dovetail or have rear dovetail milled out and mill new Glock dovetail in front of optic. You MUST use plain black suppressor height sights. If you are not worried about iron sights, any configuration is fine. Great Job. I received my slide in under two weeks. This was milling and cerekot.

I will do business with you again.

diy glock slide milling

This is the second optic slide milling Primary Machine has done for me. They did an excellent job, and completed in minimum time. The Cerakote finish excellent also. Very pleased, and impressed with Primary Machines work. My G23 slide came back in pristine condition with a tight fitting rmr and a beautiful cerekote job.

Slide work was looks great and timely great price. Workmanship and quality were outstanding!!! Got it back only 15 days after I shipped it, this included the thanksgiving day week. I will be sending in several more slide to be milled for an optic! If you need slide milling done for an optic, this is the place to send it! Outstanding job!!!

Awesome work. They received my slide and rmr on a Monday, it was completed and shipped by the end of the week. Competitive Price and great work. Will use them in the future. Precision fit and finish. On time turn-around. Would not hesitate to use again. Recent Posts. A term we all see thrown around the firearm industry so much. Unfortunately for most …. Sep 17th Bruce. Something that we're often asked: How did you guys come to do what you do?This gives you an extremely low sight picture in your optic and makes for a much easier transition for shooters who use iron sights.

The number one complaint we heard from customers using optic mounts utilizing the rear sight dove tail was they struggled getting a good sight picture at first due to the height difference over iron sights.

We include recoil bosses in all of our mounts to add in the rigidity of the optic to slide mount. Please make sure you ship to the below address. Note- This service does not include slide refinishing or the Optic, however that service can be purchased additionally. There seems to be no common factor as to what optic combination this is caused by. Patriot Defense Slide Lightening Cuts. No sharp edges or Patriot Defense Dust Cover Milling. There for Patriot Defense Optimized Hammer Springs.

ZEV Magwell Pro. Includes mag-well, screw and wrench. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required.

Comments Required. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. There for Patriot Defense is not liable if your particular carry optic setup requires a shim in order to achieve a zero. This is not an uncommon occurrence across many different platforms and many factors play into this including bullet power factor, zero distances, optic, and elevation adjustment.

If you are not willing to possibly use a shim in order to achieve a zero we highly recommend you go with a rear sight mount for your optic. We do guarantee a precision CNC fit with your optic of choice and your slide.

diy glock slide milling

By purchasing this product you agree that you fully understand the above. Please read the below in its entirety… We will not be able to guarantee a precision fit if you fail to send your optic with the slide.

Every Slide is test fit with a "shop" optic that we have on hand. However, there are manufacturing tolerances that may cause your RDS not to fit correctly. You will be responsible for shipping of the slide back to us if your application needs further machining. Dont miss your chance to grab them. Quick view. Choose Options. Add to Cart.

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