M m exports

M m exports

The University also recognizes that the United States has enacted laws and regulations restricting the transmission of Controlled Information and Controlled Physical Items for the purpose of protecting national, economic, security, and foreign policy interests. These federal export control laws and regulations establish the conditions under which Controlled Information and Controlled Physical Items can be transmitted to anyone outside the United States and to foreign persons in the United States.

In addition, the export control laws and regulations restrict or prohibit the transaction of business with certain countries, persons and entities that have been sanctioned by federal agencies as a threat to important U. It is important to keep in mind that export control laws are broad and have implications for a host of University operations.

Export control restrictions are based upon: specific commodities, technologies, and services; end-users; and governments. Thus, export controls may apply to a wide range of University activities including: research and innovation; international programs, agreements, exchanges, and travel; procurement; information technology and services; human resources; and shipping. Additionally, export control restrictions apply to the Release of Controlled Information and data, technologies, and commodities to foreign persons located within the United States.

The control level is different depending on which regulations control the item. Inside the United States, any person, including foreign nationals may purchase and use EAR export controlled pathogens and toxins for fundamental research. However, the "deemed" export rule applies to technical information about the controlled item. For example, if a principal investigator PI receives confidential, proprietary, non-public domain, non-fundamental research or other export controlled information, about the development or production of an EAR controlled biological, then the PI may need a "deemed" export license to provide such information to a foreign national on campus.

Please note that equipment used for the development or production of controlled biological agents in non-standard conditions, developing equipment for producing controlled biological agents, and, or the use of biological equipment may be considered a deemed export.

In addition, if a PI wishes to ship an EAR controlled pathogen, toxin, or equipment capable of producing a pathogen or toxin, outside the U. Each University employee has the responsibility to report possible violations of United States export control laws or regulations. Suspected violations should be reported to the vice president for research, together with the details of the suspected violation.

All university employees should view export control compliance as an important part of their day-to-day responsibilities. Export control laws regulate the conditions under which certain information, technologies, and commodities can be transmitted to foreign persons or entities in the United States or abroad.

In addition, export control laws and regulations restrict or prohibit the transaction of business with certain countries, persons, and entities that have been sanctioned by federal agencies as a threat to important U.

Most exports do not require specific approval from the federal government. Certain exports, however, require a license. Others are prohibited. In accordance with University Rule The soldiers protected chocolate candy from melting in their pockets and packs by covering the candy with a sugary coating.

Forrest Mars, Sr. Since air conditioning was not available, retailers did not have the means to keep chocolate from melting and consumers did not buy it.

They could be eaten neatly in almost any climate. In fact, they were made part of service rations during World War II. The cocoa tree is a native plant of South America's river valleys. It was brought north to Mexico by the seventh century A. The Mayans and Aztecs made a drink from the beans of the cocoa tree.

The upper classes drank this concoction, called cacahuatl, which was a blend of the cocoa beans, red pepper, vanilla, and water. Inthe drink was brought back to Europe by Spanish explorers returning from the New World. They found the drink, as drunk by the natives, bitter and unpalatable, and they blended the cocoa beans with other ingredients including sugar, cinnamon cloves, anise, almonds, hazelnuts, vanilla, orange-flower water, and musk.

They ground their new concoction and heated it to create a paste. The paste was smoothed onto the leaves of a plantain tree and allowed to hardened. The slab of chocolate was then removed. To make chocalatal, the ancestor of our hot chocolate, the Spanish dissolved a bit of the chocolate slab in hot water and thin corn broth. It was stirred to distribute the fats from the chocolate paste more evenly.

By the mid-seventeenth century, choclatal had replaced cachuatl in its original areas for all except the lower classes of Mexico. After conquering the unfounded and widespread fear that the consumption of chocolate would lead to bowel obstructions, Europeans were able to enjoy the treat, and cookbooks including chocolate candy recipes sprang up. As made in the mid s, the chocolate candy was a combination of the chocolate paste described above and sugar held together by plant gums.

The candy had a coarse, crumbly texture that did not hold the sugar well, and it was not popular. It was not until that a method was developed to produce the solid chocolate that we know today. A Dutch chocolate maker, Conrad van Houten, invented a screw press that squeezed most of the butter out of cocoa beans.

This process separated cocoa powder from cocoa butter. The powder was more useful on its own, providing a better base for hot chocolate.

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When cocoa butter was blended with regular ground cocoa beans, the resulting paste was smoother and easier to blend with sugar. Within 20 years, an English company introduced the first commercially successful prepared hard chocolate.

InSwiss candymaker Daniel Peter used dried milk to make solid milk chocolate. Inanother Swiss candymaker, Jules Sechaud, developed a technique for making chocolate shells filled with other confections.

Chocolate was indeed publicly popular by this time, though still expensive. Hershey Foods marketed one of the first chocolate bars that was both widely affordable and available. Milton Hershey, the company's founder, became fascinated by a chocolate statue displayed at the World's Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. When he decided to manufacture chocolate, he used fresh milk and mass production techniques. The latter insured he could sell large quantities of individually wrapped chocolate at inexpensive prices.The following hormones are prohibited for use in all fish products: dienoestrol, diethylstilboestrol, hexoestrol and oestradiol.

Fish products exported to Hong Kong cannot contain preservatives or antioxidants unless specified in the following table.

Further details on the restrictions concerning the sale of food containing preservatives or antioxidants are available from the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. Consult the European Union certification requirements for certification of product exported to Iceland. Guidance on the completion of the model health certificate for imports of fishery products intended for human consumption to EFTA countries.

In addition, guidance has been obtained from the texts of the international standard- setting body Codex Alimentarius. Only as an option when the system is down or unavailable, a PDF version is used. The directions below are guidance for both the system completion and the PDF certification for information required in fields located on the documents.

Certifying officers must verify that all firms that handled, processed or stored the product and its ingredients are listed as current approved shippers to the E.

The certificate must be issued before the consignment to which it relates leaves the control of the competent authority of the country of dispatch. Therefore the health certificate must be issued after all the products in the consignment have been produced but before the consignment leaves the country, ideally when the product leaves the dispatch establishment. The original version of the certificate must accompany consignments on entry into EFTA country original signature of an authorized officer, the name in capital letters, the qualification and title, and original stamp of the competent authority.

All intentions of the attestations must be met including Approved Facility listings and raw material sourcing requirements. A Health Certificate for fishery products intended for human consumption exported to the Republic of Indonesia is required for each consignment. Israel has elected to use the EU model health certificate with public and animal health attestations. Israel is not a participant of the Veterinary Equivalence Agreement between the US and EU, therefore all product exported to Israel requires physical inspection.

All documentation verification must still be done for each consignment. If the product is produced in a USDC resident inspection facility physical consignment by consignment inspection is required prior to certification. Certifying officers should verify that all foreign sourced material should be from manufacturing facilities listed at the following link:. The original version of the certificate must accompany consignments on entry into the Israel original signature of an authorized officer, the name in capital letters, the qualification and title, and original stamp of the competent authority.

m m exports

Labels for fish products must include, in both Hebrew and English, the name of the product, the name of the fish from which the product was prepared, the name and address of the producer, the name and address of the importer, and the word "KOSHER" if the owner or importer is in possession of a certificate from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, or the words "NOT KOSHER" if the producer or importer is not in possession of such a certificate.

All manufactured and processed foods must be labelled with nutritional information according to guidelines set by the Israeli Health Ministry. Unprocessed fish is exempt from this requirement. Exporters should consult with their importers for further details concerning Israeli labeling requirements.

Specifically for cooked Crab, US or foreign harvested consignments must be certified by lot inspection or processed under an approved Quality Management Program. Shippers of foreign sourced product are required to provide valid documentation from country of origin to receive certification.

In addition to certificate issuance, for each consignment, USDC Inspection staff will submit an attached copy of the issued certificate to the Japanese authorities via the following email address:. All fishery products must, before entering Kenya, be lot inspected for health and quality conditions and must be accompanied by an Export Health Certificate proving this inspection has been undertaken.

Normal inspection procedures apply to these fishery products, e. The Republic of Korea ROK requires Export Health Certificates for by-products including frozen cod heads, tuna heads, southern hake heads, visceral by-products such as edible fish roe, Pollock entrails, hard roe and the nidamental gland of squid.

Normal inspection procedures apply to these by-products, e. All frozen fish heads must be cut so the head with pectoral and ventral fins are attached and the frozen edible parts, e. Cod heads must be of U.The president unveiled the new order amid a dispute with U. We're not at all happy with 3M. And the people who dealt with it directly are not happy with 3M," Trump said at a White House press briefing Friday evening.

Under the new order, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf will work with FEMA to "prevent the export of N respirators, surgical masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment," Trump said. The White House released details of the order after the press conference, which in part states, "To ensure that these scarce or threatened PPE materials remain in the United States for use in responding to the spread of COVID, it is the policy of the United States to prevent domestic brokers, distributors, and other intermediaries from diverting such material overseas.

The company said in a response to the president's executive order that the Trump administration "requested that 3M cease exporting respirators that we currently manufacture in the United States to the Canadian and Latin American markets.

But "there are, however, significant humanitarian implications of ceasing respirator supplies" to health care workers in those countries, where 3M is a "critical supplier of respirators," 3M's statement said. The news outlet also reported Friday that the U. But 3M said in a statement Friday night that it "has no evidence to suggest 3M products have been seized. We cannot speculate where this report originated," the company said. America is at war against an invisible enemy.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of the virus has led to wartime profiteering by unscrupulous brokers, distributors, and other intermediaries operating in secondary markets. This wartime profiteering is leading to hoarding and soaring prices for Personal Protective Equipment PPE like masks, gloves, and N respirators, all of which are needed to protect American citizens, including our heroic healthcare professionals, battling on the front lines.

The ability of wartime profiteers to purchase domestic supplies of scarce and critical materials, hoard them while they engage in profiteering and speculation, and then export them can generate foreign demand, and lead to price gouging. This conduct denies our country and our people the materials they need to win the war against the virus. Wartime profiteers may include a large army of speculators and warehouse operators operating in the dark corners of our markets. They may also include some well-established PPE distributors with the ability to unscrupulously divert PPE inventories from domestic customers, such as hospitals and State governments, to foreign purchasers willing to pay significant premiums.

m m exports

Today's order is another step in our ongoing fight to prevent hoarding, price gouging, and profiteering by preventing the harmful export of critically needed PPE. It will help ensure that needed PPE is kept in our country and gets to where it is needed to defeat the virus. Nothing in this order will interfere with the ability of PPE manufacturers to export when doing so is consistent with United States policy and in the national interest of the United States.

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m m exports

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Mm exports

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M. B. Exports

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